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One of the most important makeup looks to have down is your everyday makeup routine. Other beauty blogs tend to post their everyday makeup routine once a season because it’s a look that doesn’t seem to change much. This blog will have a variety of everyday looks that girls can find if they just want to switch up their everyday makeup.
fullsizerender-54A decent amount of beauty bloggers use a lot of high-end makeup in their everyday routine. Though in college a lot of us can’t afford to spend fifty dollars on a foundation.Blond & Ambitious Blog everyday look is gorgeous and easy, but she uses a lot of high-end makeup products in her daily routine. Though Blond & Ambitious Blog writes a lot of post about products that girls can add to their makeup routine to spice up their everyday makeup look.

Another great beauty blogger that posts a lot of different makeup tutorials is Jaclyn Hill. She is a personal favorite beauty blogger.  Jaclyn Hill uses a wide range of products in her tutorials from drug store products to high end, but her looks always look flawless. She is a professional makeup artist that has a blog and a youtube channel.

A lot of beauty bloggers that like to use a lot of high-end makeup products, but  a common trend is to do a drugstore makeup tutorial. Beauty bloggers tend to post their everyday makeup tutorials every once in a while just to let their readers know their current favorites. One of my favorite everyday looks is from Beauty Now, even though the only drug store product they used was their mascara. These tutorials can actually be very helpful because it can give you an idea of what type of shades you should be looking for when makeup shopping.



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